Take This Personal (Triune God)

You’re standing in a crowded walk-way. Someone comes up, looks right at you, pushes you aside, then walks past. You say to them, “Hey, I’m a person, not an object!” A person is a relating being—a living being who relates, connects, and holds conversation with other relating beings. It’s inappropriate to treat a person like … Continue reading Take This Personal (Triune God)

Why Baptize Infants

Let’s imagine you come from a Christian tradition that practices “believers baptism” over and against “infant baptism.” You might say to your baby-baptizing sister in Christ, “Why does your church baptize babies? Our church waits till they’re old enough to believe. We don’t think baptism saves—automatically. The Bible says we’re saved by faith, not some … Continue reading Why Baptize Infants

The Trouble with Trusting a Tyrant

In a military leadership class I took, we watched the movie Twelve O’Clock High. The story is situated in World War II and centered on the commander of a bomber group, Brigadier General Savage. After suffering heavy losses, the unit’s morale and discipline has plummeted. General Savage is sent in to turn them around. Like … Continue reading The Trouble with Trusting a Tyrant